We are happy to inform you that today we have released the guilds. Here is a short presentation what they are all about:


General Information
We present you the Guild - the new battle unit in Piratearena.com, that gives you the opportunity for a complete change in your game stategies. The guild - this is a band, that consists of you and your friends or allies in the game. When you join a certain guild, your enemies already know, that if they mess with you, they risk to incur the wrath of your whole guild.

Every guild member has his own place in the hierarchy, which consists of leaders, officers, fighters and rookies.
The leaders are the most important guild members. They can approve or reject guild membership requests, kick members out and disband the guild. A guild cannot exist without a leader. There can be guilds with more than one leader though.
The officers are second in rank after the guild leader and they are his deputies. They also can approve or reject guild membership requests.
The fighters should prove their loyality and earn the leader's respect, so they can be promoted to officers.
The rookies should first earn the trust of the leader, if they want to be promoted to fighters.

Requirements for creating a guild
Every player can create a new guild, as long as he meets the necessary requirements for this. The guild should have minimum 6 members. The one that is creating the guild is required to invite a minimum of 5 other users. When the guild has 6 members, it is activated automatically. More members can be invited later, as also users themselves can send requests to join. There is no limit in the maximum number of members, who can join one guild.

Leaving the guild
Every member is free to leave the guild at will. If all members decide to leave, the guild is automatically disbanded. If a leader decides, he can kick members out, as long as they are not leaders themselves.
In case when the guild is left with less than 6 members, it deactivates temporarily, until the members reach the required minimum again.

Every guild has its own treasury, where every member can deposit gold, white and black pearls, items, weapons and goods, as also withdraw everything that has already been deposited.

The users, who are members of the same guild cannot fight against each other while sailing on the high seas. They can fight against members of other guilds, as also against users who still don't have guilds of their own. The log of all battles goes into the battles history and can be viewed by everyone.
Every guild has its own chat, visible for its members only.
Every user can join only one guild.

Let the best guild win!



Piratearena.com Team

The wait is over!

The tests of the new version of Piratearena.com have started.

Ahoy, captain!

Are you ready to become the most bloodthirsty pirate the world has ever seen and to be more legendary, even beyond your wildest dreams. Gather the most fearsome crew and make your enemies tremble just by mentioning the name of your ship. Explore the farest parts of the seven seas in search of untold riches, make the most profitable trades for you with other pirates, embark on sea battles with your black schooner and enjoy the power of your weapons. If the enemy ships are stronger than you, you can always throw the boarding hooks and attack with your men, armed to the teeth. Begin the adventure that will take you to countless glorious battles, bloody victories and much loot.

Play with friends and form a fearsome pack of sea-wolves, ready to turn any vessel to wood chips to get your hands on the goods in its hold. Visit all known pirate ports and complete epic quests alone or with other players. Build your own stronghold and develop your private island where you can heap all that you have plundered. Compete with the other pirates and prove that one day mothers would frighten their children with the name of your pirate schooner telling late night tales by the fire. Prove that your ship is faster, better armed and managed by the best pirate leader who ever sailed around all known seas ... and beyond.

“Ahoy, captain! Wish you tailwind and holds filled with loot!!”