real-time PVP

Sea battles are a major part of the game - equip your ship with sails, cannons, ammo and a crew... And prepare for battle!

Constructing buildings and fortresses

Each player starts with his own island, where he gathers resources and trains his crew. He also has to protect himself against other pirate's attacks by building defenses and hiding his treasure.

Sailing on the high seas

That's how players move around from island to island - picking up artifacts, looting from the debris following a battle and accomplishing quests.

Islands and ports

The players get quests, trade, outfit their crew and their ship, leave crew members as workers for additional income or search for allies in the chat from here.

Boarding battles

After attacking each other on the high seas, square off against each other in tactical, fast-paced boarding battles.

Are you ready to conquer the infinite blue seas?

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Main Rankings
1. joker_bg 268,823
2. SKARSGARD 248,572
3. Kanibaals 245,165
4. -Hell- 242,011
5. _Rasists_ 236,301
6. Skorpiite 236,214
7. .SILENCER. 235,891
8. Safira 235,023
9. _Bulgaria_ 234,452
10. banderata 234,403
11. Bezacis2000 234,266
12. Adidas_PrEdAtoR 234,149
13. Mother_Fuck3r 233,254
14. _GRAFFITY_ 233,241
15. ivo_georgiev 233,071
16. MARCOPA 232,997
17. DreamCatcher. 232,937
18. Black_Magican 232,885
19. Menbardis 232,539
20. Hercogiene 232,306